Aquafit: Senior Encourages Others to Take the Plunge

By on July 29, 2015

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Aquafit: Senior Encourages Others to Take the Plunge

It is pretty much a unanimous opinion – in today’s society, doctors, physiotherapists, and other health practitioners highly recommend that people be more active.

That is something the Township of Langley takes seriously.

The Township’s Recreation, Culture, and Parks Division is focused on building healthy communities and helping individuals achieve their personal health and fitness goals by offering numerous fitness and wellness programs.
One of those programs, which offers a great low impact workout with many health benefits, is Aquafit.
“By actively participating in Aquafit classes, you can reduce joint and soft tissue stiffness, reduce stress and anxiety, and reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease, Type II diabetes, and other chronic health problems,” said Township Aquatics Programmer Nikole Longhi. “Not only that, Aquafit improves your aerobic capacity and endurance, muscle strength and flexibility, as well as your self-esteem.”

Chris Bisset, an avid Aquafit participant at the Walnut Grove Community Centre for more than 10 years, can testify to the physical and mental benefits of getting in the water for a workout.

“Why did I join Aquafit? Because my surgeon suggested it,” she said. “Ten years ago I couldn’t walk more than a few steps. On New Year’s Eve, 2004, my family paid our usual visit to Butchart Gardens and I made the rounds in a wheelchair. Now, thanks to a skillful surgeon and his advice, here I am at a hearty 76, pretty mobile, and on no medication.”

Bisset said the surgeon fixed her arthritic hip, but it was the Aquafit instructors at the Walnut Grove Community Centre who kept her other joints and muscles supple and prevented her other hip from degenerating.
“I know this to be true because if I miss too many sessions, I can start feeling the stiffness taking over,” said Bisset, who admits she had a few reservations to overcome before taking the plunge into Aquafit herself.
“It is easy giving advice but harder to take it,” she said. “I didn’t want to go and buy a bathing suit and stuff my big body into it in front of these other ladies, but once I was in the water and felt it supporting my repaired hip, I was hooked. For just over $3 a time I could exercise for 45 minutes and socialize with the great people I have with me in the pool. So my advice is to come and give it a shot,” Bisset said.

“We encourage anyone, no matter what their age or ability, to come see us if you would like to improve your fitness level and enhance your health,” said Longhi. “The Township’s Recreation, Culture, and Parks Division has personal trainers, group fitness instructors, kinesiologists, and Aquafit instructors who are all certified, highly trained, and have a wealth of experience to share. Our staff are available to help you with your personal goals.”
For more information on Aquafit classes offered at Walnut Grove Community Centre and at the W.C. Blair Recreation Centre, visit

For more information, contact Nikole Longhi, Aquatics Programmer, at 604-533-6090 x5123 or

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