Christmas Lights – A Celebration Of The Season

By on December 11, 2014

That’s Dentertainment! By Dennis Tkach. When God first said “Let there be light,” he wasn’t talking about Christmas lights. That was just his reference to our boring old sun and moon. However, when God wanted to announce the birth of his First Born THAT was the occasion for Him to give the world its very first Christmas light. And, being God, he created a doozy! A super nova, exploding in the far-flung reaches of our galaxy with such brilliance that it illuminated the eastern sky. The Christmas star was the beginning.

It took another 1500 years for a tonsured Germanic monk to come up with the idea of Christmas illumination. Marty Luther had an epiphany one cold winter night as he trudged home through a forest of snow-covered evergreens. Herr Luther paused in his trudging to stare up at the boughs overhead, snow-sprinkled and sparkling in the moonlight. He had an epiphany, and shouted “Gott en himmel!” (Translation: “Wowwy wow!”) Marty saw in those evergreens a similitude of the hope and promise given mankind by Heavenly Father through the birth of Jesus Christ. So he chopped down one of the trees, dragged it home, and stood it in his living room. His wife thought he was crazy, his children were thrilled. The old bible thumper festooned the tree (a good old BC Douglas fir of course) with popcorn strings and live burning candles, and in doing so gave the world one of its greatest traditions.

Lit candles continued to light (and burn down) many a Christmassy home through the centuries and beyond the Victorian era until Tom Edison came up with electric light bulbs. Soon Christmas lights, in all their multi-colored glory, would expand the spirit of the yuletide season by leaping from trees to illuminating the exterior of homes and buildings all around the world. (And oh how Hydro loved it since they made lots of money off of the juicy power draws.)

Enter the 90’s and the advent of LED bulbs. In the beginning, they really sucked. Not very bright and they mostly came in blue (with the illuminating power of a dying firefly.)

Today, however, we can stand and cheer at the quantum leap in Christmas light-bulbology. Long life, energy saving LEDs. During this festive season one can drive through any neighborhood and see homes and streets simply or elaborately, (but ALWAYS eloquently) aglow, enhancing the beauty of the season.

In “Christmas Vacation” Clark Griswold illuminated his home with 25,000 lights. They were all white, not a colored bulb to be seen. They didn’t twinkle, they didn’t chase, flash or dance. They were not syncopated and there was no music.

How things have changed since Clark’s father taught him all he knew about exterior illumination!

By comparison we at invite you to enhance your Christmas experience by driving by one of the most beautifully adorned (like the Griswolds, 25,000 lights!) homes in Langley (or for that matter, anywhere in the Fraser Valley.)

Mike Gower, an electrical engineer (who heads the very successful computer consulting company, IT Blueprint Solutions Inc.) has amalgamated a love of Christmas with computer gadgetry, artistic creativity, a huge investment of time (he started decorating his home after Halloween,) and a considerable financial investment. In so doing Mike has created a wonderful holiday gift for his family, neighborhood, and for all who would take the opportunity to drive by this light bejeweled celebration of the season.

And that’s not all, folks! ‘The Walnut Grove Dancing Lights’ is also syncopated to music. Tune to 99.7FM as you approach the home and you will enhance your experience by listening to a variety of wonderful Christmas music accompanying the light show.

Address: 20997 86A Avenue, Walnut Grove (in a cul-de-sac off 208 St.)
Times: All December through January 4th.
4:30 PM – 11:00 PM, Sunday – Thursday
4:30 PM – Midnight, Friday & Saturday & December 24 – 26.

Mike can be reached at
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