Health News: Langley Flu Clinics

By on October 29, 2010

It’s that time again – time for the seasonal flu shots. The Fraser Health Authority (FHA) has provided a complete list of clinics and information on who should and shouldn’t get flu shots. Everything you need to know is in one place.

Langley Flu Clinics

Where can I get a flu shot? You can book an appointment

* With your family doctor
* At walk-in clinic
* With your pharmacist
* At a local public health unit to get your shot.

Find flu shot clinics throughout the province on the BC Flu Clinic Locator website.

Who can get a free seasonal flu shot?

* People 65 years and older and their caregivers/household contacts
* Residents of nursing homes and other chronic care facilities
* Children and adults with chronic health conditions and their household contacts
* Children and adolescents (six months to 18 years) with conditions treated for long periods of time with acetylsalicylic acid, and their household contacts
* Healthy children age 23 months to six years
* Household contacts and caregivers of infants age zero to 23 months
* Pregnant women who will be in their third trimester during influenza season and their household contacts
* Health care and other care providers in facilities and community settings who are capable of transmitting influenza to those at high risk of influenza complications
* People who provide essential services including first responders and correction officers
* People who work with live poultry
* Aboriginal peoples (on and off reserve)
* People who are morbidly obese

Who can get a free pneumococcal vaccination?

* People 65 years and older
* Residents of any age living in residential care, assisted living or other group facilities
* People two years of age and older with certain medical conditions
* Homeless persons and injection drug users

For sale vaccineAdults and children who are not eligible for the publicly funded vaccine are encouraged to purchase influenza vaccination.

Looking for general information about the flu? Visit Fraser health’s Influenza page.

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