Nathan Pachal Launches Council Campaign

By on September 19, 2014
Nathan Pachal

Submitted. Nathan Pachal, a local transportation and sustainable development advocate has detailed out his campaign platform as part of a media event held on Thursday morning where he officially launched his campaign.

Making safety and accessibility, supporting a strong local economy and enhancing the City’s parks system three cornerstones of his campaign, Pachal highlighted several key issues facing the City of Langley that he would address if elected to Council on November 15th. “I want to build a safe and accessible community for all people. To connect them to shops, services, work and recreation” stated Pachal as he addressed members of the community and media at a press conference at the Coast Langley Hotel and Convention Centre Thursday morning.

Regarding safety and accessibility, Pachal suggested that “outside of McBurney lane, it is a real struggle for some members of our community, and we need to support our seniors and people with disabilities and I think we can do better.” Regarding public safety, Pachal believes that “we need to work with the RCMP, to make them more visible in our streets and really get them out of their cars and walking the beat.”

Pachal, a professional broadcast technician with Rogers Media divisions CityTV, OMNI TV and Sportsnet is locally known for his long-running blog, The South Fraser Blog that often discusses strategies to increase sustainability and efficient economic growth in the South Fraser region. “I want to support a strong local economy, and that starts with supporting Downtown Langley – to create a prosperous and successful core, to reduce the burden on redevelopment to attract more businesses in Langley” stated Pachal.

As the longest serving member of the City’s Parks and Recreation Committee, Pachal wants to make the issues “near and dear to his heart – to enhance our parks system” and briefly addressed the strategies facing the Nicomekl Flood Plain and Brydon Lagoon which saw the support of local activist at the launch.

When asked how such policies and solutions could be implemented and paid for, Pachal answered that
“the City has spent tens of millions of dollars on overpasses. With those now complete, we can now shift that funding on improving the public realm.”

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