The Way Forward for Langley Today

By on June 28, 2015

You may have noticed a distinct lack of new content since the departure of Mike Archer earlier this month. We apologize for this slow down. However, we’d like to let you know that in the next few days a new Editor will begin working on the web site. Their primary responsibility will be to take community submitted content, edit it, format it and post it to the site. You can contact the new Editor the same way you always have by sending email to

On the Op-Ed side of our web site, I will begin posting columns more frequently.

As we stated last year during the election campaign, the Today Media Group will to take on a new approach to local news stories and issues. How this will manifest itself in our editorial pieces will be apparent, but, simply put, while our columns will still include criticism, they will also include solutions.

My personal opinion columns in the past have always had this two-sided approach. My writing has been infrequent however, but this will change shortly as we complete this transition. There will also be a key element to my focus that you may find different…and I hope, interesting.

Historically, we have had big issues to deal with in this town. “Big mistakes” that many could see coming, unless you sat at the Council Table.

We’ve dealt with those issues using columns speaking of caution beforehand, and then criticism after all our fears had come true. Now we’d like to approach issues more proactively.

For now, we’re gonna to bring our new Editor up to speed and I hope you’ll look forward to some new opinion pieces coming shortly.

Thank you for continuing to read Langley Today and for your patience during this transition time.

Vince Dimanno
The Today Media Group

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